Medicare Certified • CT DPH licensed

What other services does LHHC provide?

The Lighthouse Orthopedic Recovery Program is designed to assist your loved one in making a speedy recovery from joint replacement or other orthopedic surgery.

  • Physical therapy begins within 24 hours of discharge to home
  • In-home visits are offered up to 7 days per week
  • Physician-designed protocols are followed to accelerate results
  • In-home testing for blood clotting levels (PT-INR)

The Lighthouse Transitional Care Program provides a discharge planning service to incoming Home Health Care patients discharging from a facility to assure a safe transition home. An RN will visit the patient at the facility and:

  • Obtaining the patient’s medical history, therapy assessments, etc.
  • Follow the patient in the facility until discharge with on-site care meetings/introductions.
  • Coordinate start of care date and preschedule services in the home.
  • Confirm follow up physician visits.
  • Identify patient needs in the home (oxygen, hospital bed, etc) and verify that items have been ordered prior to discharge.
  • Coordinate a safe discharge home.